Friday, September 17, 2010

Carb Overload. Again.

My dad took my mom out for a quick trip to see his new office earlier today, so they left me home to guard the house.  I hate guarding the house.  It's lonely, and so naturally, I went looking in the kitchen for some munchies to pass the time.  

When my mom and dad got home, my mom decided to make a sandwich and checked the top of the refrigerator for the bread.  

Mom:  "Hey, Jeff... have you seen the bread?"

Shoot!  The bread! 
Guilty as Charged.
I immediately darted into the living room and tried to sit on the evidence.  But no, I wasn't quite fast enough. 

This time, it was my mom that left the bread on the counter.  Didn't she learn a lesson from last time


  1. Hey Laila, it's definitely your mom's fault! You shouldn't be punished because SHE left the bread out. I'd take it to a higher authority!!

  2. I find that also taking a candle in the living room with the bread heightens the dining experience -- until it comes time to "pay" for the meal, of course.

  3. Csilla wanted me to write and tell you that she also likes to counter surf. One day she took a loaf of bread off the counter and chewed a little hole in the plastic wrap, then sucked all the bread out. That is her favorite technique for eating whole loves of bread when no one is home. You should try it ; )