Friday, February 26, 2010

Brizstow's Puppies!

Great news for all of my friends. It's time to get your puppy fix!

My aunt Brizstow Jones--famous writer of New York City's Urban Mutt blog--gave birth to a litter of five beautiful Vizsla puppies on Tuesday, February 23rd.
Four girls, and one boy:
Elise, Alaila, Joey, Season, and Carli

Brizstow is writing a new blog about her babies, so you can watch them grow up over the next eight weeks at her offshoot blog:
Urban Mutt: The Next Chapter.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Blizzard, More Riley

I forgot to tell all of you about the fun times I had with my best friend Riley during the Blizzard--and about his hurt-ed tooth. Right in the middle of all of this snow nonsense, poor Riley had to take a trip to the V-E-T to get a tooth pulled. I think he said that part of his tooth had backed, or cracked, or something. Either way, that tooth had to come out. It is a very good thing that we live in the city! His mom was able to take him to Dr. T who lives and works just a few blocks away. Dr. T gave him some sleepy drugs.

What mom? Sometimes you wish that you had some sleepy drugs to give to me? Silly Mom! Haven't you heard? Drugs are for thugs. Oh, and for Riley because his tooth was so hurt-ed.

Anyway, after he was asleep, the doctor took out his tooth and put it in a jar to give to his Mommy. My mom got to see it, and she said it was huge!

Plus, Riley got all of his teeth cleaned, so now they are sparkling white! (I checked)

Even though he had surgery the day before, his Mom and Dad let him come out and play, so we had a chance to run, play, and wrestle in the street while the snow was falling.

We played snow-ball with my dad, did some racing games, and wrestled.I even caught a snowball. I caught it and nearly brought it back to my dad, but then it disappeared! Ugh... Where do those magical balls go?!?
Oh well, at least I know where Riley was. He was very well-behaved and waited nicely for me while I ran up the street to check out things for my dad. What a gentleman!

Come to think of it, he was looking kind-of handsome in his blue jacket with the popped collar. Combine that with his super-duper sparkly teeth, amazingly fast running, and...
Ladies, move out of the way because I am in L-O-V-E! Hey Riley, I have a present for you. I know I left it somewhere . . .

Yum, just where I left it 20 minutes ago, fresh snow! Here, Riley, do you want a quick bite before I...

I hear that boys like it when you play hard-to-get.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 Recap

So far this winter, Mother Nature dumped a total of 79.9 inches of snow on Baltimore. Yes, you heard me. Over six feet of snow.
Trees fell down. Cars were covered.

No one could get their cars out of the snow for days. I even had trouble navigating the snow.

I almost buried myself when I jumped into the snow the first time I went into the backyard. Flop!
But, after a few runs through the snow in the street, I started having some fun. Especially because I could play anywhere I wanted! On the sidewalk, on the steps, in the street . . .My neighbor Steven came outside to play with me.
Since we couldn't play with with a regular ball or frisbee because it got buried before I could get to it, we played "snowball."

Snow ball was a much better game because you don't really lose the ball; it disappears like magic! Sometimes I catch it, but it falls apart before I can bring it back

Later in the day, my mom and dad took me to my super-secret dog park.The snow was really deep.
I had to leap like a deer to get through the tall snow drifts.

We played snowball and catch with a stick.
Even when I was standing on top of the snow, there was at least a foot and a half beneath my feet.

When we got home, I was so cold that my teeth were chattering, and my mom wrapped me up in two blankets.Hey mom, I'm just going to snuggle right here. Can you make me a cup of hot peanut butter?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work out: Day 11

Working out with Frisbee and Logs

My mom and I have been working out a lot lately. I'm having a blast running, catching, and wrestling; but I think my dad is a little sad because I'm usually too tired to do any zoomie-zoomie-play-with-me dances by the time he gets home. I get the most exercise when I have to race other dogs to get the frisbee, so my mom is really happy that we've reconnected with my old friends and made a bunch of new ones. The park is usually empty on our morning and mid-day/early-evening visits, which means one-on-one frisbee time with my mom.
I'm ready whenever you are, Mom.
Get, ready, get set . . .
Wahoo! My mom tried to get a picture of me jumping up and grabbing the frisbee out of the air, but her camera wasn't really up to the task yesterday, so you'll have to settle for a quick line-drive catch.
After about twenty minutes, I got bored of frisbee. I stopped bringing it back to my mom and went off in search of sticks until I made the ultimate discovery:
Haha! I got it!
Logs, yum!
I'm ready, Mom. Throw it!
Hey! What do you mean I can't eat the log? It's a great source of, um, vitamins....