Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home again

I got home from my trip on Sunday night, and boy was I tired!
Spending five days wrestling and romping with my Vizsla friends in South Carolina wore me out.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Road trip!

Yesterday, I left for a long girls weekend with some of my very favorite ladies: Miss Melissa, Debbie, Rachel, and Ania. Some of my very best Vizsla friends will be in attendance also, so I'm really excited.
We're going to South Carolina, so it's a pretty long trip. Luckily, I love road trips, so this should be fun!

Plus, Miss Melissa said that there will be (count them) seven Vizslas in our hotel room.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Devilishly cute

Now, I know what you are all thinking: how can something cute be devilish? Well, let me explain how I came to my conclusion.
Exhibit A: Spencer, a seemingly cute, cuddly ten-week-old Jack Russel terrier.
So cute, so cuddly, so happy. We were all duped into believing that he was such an angel that I politely shared my stuffie baby raccoon.

But, boy was I wrong!

He nearly mauled my raccoon to death.

To get even, I stole his tennis ball.

Fair is fair. Right?

Friday, July 17, 2009


My dad: "Laila! What is this mess?"

Me: "I don't know, dad. It looks like sawdust. Yummy, yummy sawdust."

My dad: "sawdust with Italian seasoning?"
(Uh, oh . . . I think he found me out)
My dad: "And, why is half of the pizza missing?"

Me: "It wasn't me! I swear! I've been framed! It could have been anyone.

"I mean, look at mom! She looks really guilty.

"No? Not her??

"Well, umm . . . maybe a squirrel broke in the house . . . ?!?!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Begging for my dinner

Watermelon, cantaloupe, lemon bars, blueberry cobbler, oh my! My grandmom Bonnie sure knows how to make a girl's belly happy.

Please, Mom? I've been so good!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super-secret dog park

My mom found a super-secret dog park where I can play with my mom and my other puppy friends in the city.
It's not very big, but it's great to wrestle with my friends, chase balls, and play frisbee.
Sometimes my dad comes to the park with my mom and I.
(throw it, dad!!!)

Going to the park is my favorite part of the day.
(getting an afternoon drink with my friends Murray and Olive)

I love spending time with my friends.

Friday, July 10, 2009

CGC Laila to the Rescue

How does the saying go, where there is smoke, there is usually fire? Well, my mom says it a little differently. She says that "where there are paper towels, Laila will usually be nearby."

Ok, I know what you are thinking and while I admit that I might have had something to do with the latest little mishap, I swear it wasn't my fault!
Let me tell you what really happened.

Yesterday, a little birdie knocked on the front door. He needed some paper towels really quick because it had been raining and he was all wet. Being the nice "Canine Good Citizen" that I am, I ran into the kitchen to get him a roll.
While I was trying to pull a piece off of the roll for him to dry his little birdie feathers with, the paper towel roll slipped a bit.
It's really pretty difficult to unwind a paper towel roll without opposable thumbs. All of my puppy friends know what I mean.
Anyway, I accidentally dropped it, and it rolled onto the floor.
I didn't need all of that! I just needed one piece since it was just a small little birdie.
I grabbed the paper towel roll to try to get just one piece and to roll up the rest.
But it kept getting tangled on my feet . . .
Hold on, birdie! I'll save you!
But, by the time I got back to the front door, he was gone!

And I was left to explain THIS mess to my mom:
So, the moral of this story is simple: don't trust little birdies.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Pillow

Yes, Mom, you caught me! I know I'm not supposed to play with my "outside toys" in the house, but my Chuck-It Flying Squirrel makes a great pillow, don't you agree?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Canine Good Citizen!

As of Sunday morning, I have officially become a Canine Good Citizen.
Yup, that's my badge.

My mom and I went for the official CGC evaluation yesterday to see whether I could pass ten tests:
  1. Accepting a friendly stranger. Easy one! No one is a stranger to me; they are just people that I haven't kissed yet!
  2. Sitting politely for petting. Another easy one! More pets and kisses please.
  3. Appearance and grooming. I think we all know the answer to this one. Of course, I passed this test. Was it even a question?
  4. Out for a walk (loose lead). I love taking walks with my mom. Are we going to the park?
  5. Walking through a crowd. This one was weird since no one in the crowd even looked at me. Definitely not a realistic simulation because I've never gone on a walk without someone stopping to ask what kind of dog I am, to tell me how beautiful I am, or to ask if they can say "hello," but I passed anyway.
  6. Sit and down on command and staying in place. I'm a champion sit-er and stay-er, but I was a little shaky on the "down." I usually save that trick for my dad, so I kept looking over my shoulder to see where he was. I mean, I'm pretty sure he came with us. Where did he go??? Once the judge let my dad come into the ring, I proved my skill by doing an excellent down.
  7. Coming when called. Hi Mom, you called?!?
  8. Reaction to another dog. Now, this one was a silly test. I guess some dogs get scared of other dogs, but I love everyone! I'm just sad that I wasn't able to play with the little dog. I guess it's a good thing though; she is so teeny-tiny that she probably can't play ball or frisbee. Actually, I think her entire body could fit inside of a frisbee.
  9. Reaction to distraction. This was a mean trick to play on my mom. It didn't scare me one bit when the lady dropped her clipboard on the ground, but startled my mom and made her say "whoa! what was that?!?"
  10. Supervised separation for 3 minutes. They judges were surprised that I did so well since I had been looking for my dad earlier during the test, but I passed this one with flying colors!
Oh, and did I mention that I had to do all of this tricks WITHOUT ANY TREATS?!?!
My mom is so proud of me!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tricks for Chicken

Ever since I was a baby, my mom has said that my name should be "will work for food." And you know what? She's right. I will do anything to get a piece of chicken.

Sometimes the smell of the amazing chicken overwhelms me, impeding my ability to concentrate on anything OTHER than the chicken.

Mmmm . . . chicken . . .

But, I promise that I'm really smart. Once I get started, I do my tricks as quickly as possible so that I can get my treat.

Quick, quick! Twirl, jump, spin, sit! Chicken, please!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A dream vacation?

While my parents were out of town, I bunked with my mom Kayla, aunt Hannah, and brother Seamus at Melissa and Jason's house in PA. I had a lot of fun wrestling, cuddling, and playing with the Chuck-it flying squirrel at the park. However, I kept wondering what my parents were doing. I still can't believe that they left me behind!!!

Although they were originally supposed to visit some friends in Boston before going to a wedding in New York, they opted for a quick trip to Southern New Jersey instead.

While staying at a B&B in Cape May, they decided to take a side-trip to "The Point" in Stone Harbor to take a walk on the beach and see the wildlife.
(Meanies! They know I love the beach!)
Since it is a wildlife refuge area, the beach is usually completely empty.
There are lots of tidal pools for little "fishies" to live in, and it is a sanctuary where birds and other living things can nest on the beach without being disturbed.
This looks like my dream vacation!

Those sand dunes look like they would be really fun to run on. Plus, I love birds!

I can't believe that my parents didn't take me!?! Maybe I can go with my mom and dad next time.
Wait?? What?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me. Unfair!!!! Can you say "canine discrimination?"

I can't believe that they would be so bold as to blatantly . . .
Whoa! Mom, what is THAT!!!!
Oh my gosh, ewww! Mom, what are those creepy things!?!?!

Aieeee! That shell has eyeballs and fingers! Don't wait for the shell to come to life: Run away!!!

My mom said that it is just a hermit crab, but I think she's crazy. It's a monster!

And just when I thought the worst was over, along came a . . .


That's not a dream vacation, it's a nightmare!!!! I'm just glad my parents survived!

Ok, I change my mind. I'm very, very glad that I wasn't with my parents on their trip.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Without me? Never!

Two weeks ago, my mom and dad decided to go on a weekend getaway. When I found out that they would not be taking me with them, I let them know exactly how I felt.

"Mom, if you don't want to take me, you can have this slimy present to remind you of how much I love you."