Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I cheated

Last night, I threw caution to the wind, gave in to temptation, and cheated on my diet. Big time! I've been really good about my diet for weeks and weeks, so it was inevitable that I would cave eventually.

My dad left a whole loaf of bread on the kitchen counter -- just within my reach. No one was looking, so I hijacked the bread from the counter and took it to my secret "I-can-eat-food-here-without-anyone-noticing" place. I wasn't going to eat it, I swear. I was just going to smell it and play with it a bit. But it smelled sooo good! I nibbled a little hole in the bag to smell it better. Mmmm... So good! A little nibble off of a bread corner couldn't hurt anyone...

... and before I even knew what was happening...
... well, I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Springtime is Crazytime

I do believe that spring has officially sprung in South Baltimore. The weather is so nice. I had a great time walking around Fort McHenry Park on Saturday with my mom and dad. I even got to flirt with a couple of other doggies on our walk. Their humans weren't too happy about that, though. Apparently my super-sexy pheromones are so strong that they drove other doggies crazy (in a bad way) from all the way across the park.

I don't mind wearing my fancy pants in the house,

I miss my friends!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it spring yet?

I cannot wait until Spring!

Right now, the City is a combination of BLAH's.

All of the snow is gone, so I no longer have any snow mounds to use as my personal potty chair. The slightly warmer weather that melted the snow has made my "super secret" park into a thick, pudding-like muddy-mud-mud. And now that I've come "into season," I can't play with my friends in the super-muddy park even if I wanted to. Ugh...

I can barely remember what warm weather feels like,

but I do remember . . .that the grass turns green and soft under my toes;
that it gets warm enough to walk to Federal Hill Park without wearing a jacket (the winds whip around the hill and make it very chilly);
that the duck-birdies in the Inner Harbor start making little chickies and then taunt me by swimming along the docks;
that the City starts planting flowers; and
that my Dad would rather take long walks to the Harbor with us than stay home inside the nice warm house.


I wish Springtime would hurry up and get here!