Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby puppy!!!

My human grandmom just called! She just got a baby puppy today!
He is a purebred Jack Russel, and his name is Spencer. My grandmom's friend adopted Spencer's sister, but hasn't decided on a name for her yet.
My mom says he's pretty small, but I can't wait to meet him and let him play with my toys! I heard he loves to play with his itsy-bitsy tennis ball. That's my kind of guy!

Daring Rescue!

About a week ago, my mom’s friend Karen came across an advertisement on Craigslist seeking to “rehome” an 18-month old Vizsla. Miss Karen doesn’t own a Vizsla, but she knows owning a vizsla requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and prior knowledge of the breed. She told my mom about the poor guy and asked my mom to help. My mom contacted the dog’s owner, gave him the contact information for the Conestoga Vizsla Club’s rescue group, and also contacted the rescue coordinator. I am happy to report that my mom received an email from the CVC rescue coordinator letting us know that the dog was taken into rescue.

This prompts my mom to make an important service announcement: While vizslas are a beautiful, loving, and fantastic breed, they require a lot of special attention, care, love, and exercise. Please, please, please do your research before adding a Vizsla to your family.

Like my Aunt Debbie says, “A vizsla isn’t just a dog. It’s a way of life."

Many thanks to Dennis's mom for recommending this video:

If you need to rehome your vizsla, please click here to find contact information for the vizsla rescue coordinator closest to you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome Home, Vizsla Style!

While my Dad was in the faraway land of "Hong Kong," I was very sad and missed him a lot. I got to see him on the computer screen every day, but it just wasn't the same. My mom promised that he would come home soon, but it seemed like forever. When he finally came home, I was so excited that I didn't know what to do.

Give him a hug? Grab a toy? A chewie? Which toy, which toy? My Dad is Home! Toy? Dad! Chewie? Dad! Mom? Did you see!?!? It's my Dad! *Squeal* Dad, dad, dad!!!!! Oh my dog, Dad!!

I was so excited that I accidentally piddled on the floor, but I couldn't help it.

My DAD is finally home!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Red bugs on the loose

My dad brought home a lot of cool gifts from his trip to Hong Kong, including this light saber thing that makes red bugs race on the walls.

I tried to catch the bugs for my dad, but they were super-quick and disappeared whenever I got close. My dad said something about this being a good way to let me get some exercise when it is rainy and muddy outside, but I don't know what he means by that. I don't like rain, but I don't know why he thinks it is a good idea to let a red bug loose in the house! What would they have done if I hadn't chased it away? I mean, what if it ate my mom! My parents are very lucky that I was there to protect them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mr. Cuz-ball Man

One of my favorite toys (other than my stuffies, my frisbee, my Chuck-it ball-thrower, and my Flying Squirrel) is my Cuz ball.
I like my Cuz toy because it squeaks, is chewy, and has feet!
The feet make it jump all over the place when it lands. Extra fun!
You can't get away from me, I've got you, Mr. Cuz-ball Man!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Oh, yogurt, I love you. Let me count the ways . . . .

One, you are so yummy. Two, you are so tasty.
Three, you come in a cute package.
Four, you fit in my mouth perfectly.
Five, you are deliciously creamy and have little pieces of strawberries inside.
Six, did I mention that you are yummy and tasty?
Yogurt is so delicious that I can never get enough!

Mom, can I have another?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweet as Nectar

Thank you, Dennis! You always make me feel like the most special-est girl in the world.

In honor of being sweet, I'd like to share this award with some of my sweetest blogging buddies:
  1. First, I'd like to share this award with my new baby cousin Diamond, who is living it up in California. She is full of energy and makes everyone around her smile. Plus, her dad shares really great photos and videos.
  2. Second, I'd like to share this award with my good friend Winnie, the Wire-Haired Vizsla, who lives in Virginia. She is beautiful and wins lots of shows, but even better than that is how much she loves her dad. She is a very lucky Vizsla since her dad bought her a great house on the water with lots of room to run and explore.
  3. Next, I want to share this award with my Vizsla friend Zigana. Zigana is currently sharing her mom with a baby duck named Tuesday. Zigana is really sweet and being a great sport. Plus, Tuesday is super cute!
  4. Fourth, this award goes to my first-ever Vizsla blogging friend Rocket and his sister Delilah. Rocket is super handsome; Delilah is super cute; and both are super sweet. Plus, they have great taste in beds (I have the same one that they have!).
  5. And finally, this list wouldn't be complete without my adopted mom Gabby, her sister Flirt, and my cousin Havoc. They are all full of energy, but can cuddle with the best of them. Life is never dull with them around!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wowsers! Has it really been 3 weeks?!?!
I've been a very naughty blogger lately (I blame my mom; she blames the computer). So much has happened that I don't know if I can remember it all, but I'll try.

Where to start? Where to start?

So, my parents took their exams in May. While they studied, I got to go on an extended sleepover at my Aunt Debbie's house (thank you, Aunt Debbie!). I wuff Aunt Debbie, my grandmom Siren, my dad Owe'n, my cousin Harlow, and Jaeger. Plus, Aunt Debbie takes fantastic pictures, and my sleepover was no exception.
Harlow and I raced through the tall grass . . .
. . . practiced synchronized jumping . . .
. . . and played keep-away from Jaeger!

After my parents finished their exams, I got to come home to Baltimore. With the new enforcement of the leash laws, my mom has to be a bit more resourceful in finding places and ways to exercise me. One of the best ways is to take really, really long walks around the Harbor. Depending on our route, we walk anywhere between one to five miles. We stop at different parks for about ten minutes here and there so that I can run off-leash, but then it's back to the walk. I'm enjoying myself and am in better shape than usual. My mom says it's because I'm being forced to move instead of stopping to eat sticks.

My mom really shouldn't complain so much. Eating a few sticks here and there obviously didn't hurt me that much because . . .
. . . I won Best Bitch at a conformation show in Manassas, VA! More points towards my championship! This is a picture of me with my Aunt Melissa. She's one of my most favorite people.

My littermate Rocky won Best of Breed. A one-two punch for the Captivatin' crew! Rocky is so gorgeous and successful that there should be "Rocky-licious fan club." Even though he is my brother, I would totally join!

When I got back from my shows, I found out that my aunt Emily had moved into our house. I wasn't so sure who she was or why she was there. I mean, having her there changed everything: my parents took my bed out of the office, Emily stole my spot on the sofa when we watched TV, and she even came with us on our walks! But, over time, I got to like her, especially because she would give me food when my mom and dad weren't looking (yummy!). She didn't stay very long because she had to start a new job, but it was nice to have her visit.

I saved the biggest (worst) news for last: two weeks ago, my dad left to take a graduate class and attend a conference in Hong Kong. My mom thought that I would stop missing my dad after a day or so, but I've been a wreck. I can't eat; I can't sleep. I just miss him all the time. Every time I hear a someone "beep" their car to lock it, I think it's him and run to the door. I cry and whine and cry for him to come in the door, but when my mom opens it, there isn't anyone there. My mom talks to him everyday on the computer, so I get to hear his voice and see him on the computer screen. But every time I try to give him a kiss, this weird flat glass thing gets in the way. I can't wait for him to come home so I can give him a real kiss.
And I'm giving you fair warning dad, the kiss will probably end up in your mouth. I mean, a girl can only hold out for so long!