Monday, June 28, 2010

Bread-napper strikes again!

The infamous bread-napper strikes again!

Maybe someday my dad will remember to put the bread back on top of the refrigerator, but until that time...
"yummy in my tummy!"


  1. Ah yes, the kidnapping of food...I just found an abandoned pup Laila, and in the week she has lived with me, I've relearned all the spots I needed to "pup proof"! She's hungry all the time (she's a growing girl plus she went hungry for a while when out on the streets...) so she's always looking for a snack!

  2. Miss Lady Laila: If I had eaten all those breadables I'd be doing my projectile vomits everywhere. (But I'd still think it was worth it! I'm not the one that would have to clean up, after all.)

    It's quite nice to meet you. My mom loves your floppies - but I guess she's a sucker for dogs with big ears.

  3. hard and skinny times when a vizsla lady has to take matters into her own hand and feed herself....:-)

  4. Ah yes, we lost a bread piece or two back in the day. Mainly thought Paper products would disappear.