Monday, September 20, 2010


Dad, I know you love me, but...
if you squeeze me any harder, you're going to pop out my insides!


  1. Oh so typical of our velcro vizzies...just wanting to be really, really close!!

  2. Hi Laila - you remind me of me!!! I'm a 7 month old Aussie V - check out my site here - let's be penpals - I bet we have heaps in common!

    www (dot) bellavizsla (dot) wordpress (dot) com

    Love Bella

  3. Hi Bella! You are like my long-lost twin. You love eating bagels, swimming, digging in sand, ducks, posing for the camera, giving the "cute" eyes -- yup, totally twins! I tried to post a comment on your blog, but it won't let me be your true penpal. (sigh)

    I added your blog to my V-blog list, though, and promise to read it everyday.


  4. Hi Laila
    Yes my mum is naughty and disabled the comments function 'cause she's lazy and couldn't be bothered moderating them. Hmmm...humans are so disappointing at times.

    Boy I was v excited when I found your site - I read it for hours (well mum read it to me - she's not so bad I suppose), and I was even more excited to get your reply to my comment - YAY - think we could pretend to be sisters?! Anyway I'm going link to your blog too. Talk soon? I'm going on an adventure this weekend with mum, dad & Gigi (we're going to explore some mountains, paddle in some streams and there may even be DUCKS!) but will be home soon and we can catch up.
    Loving lickings to you Laila!
    Bella x