Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mud Art

My mom found some old pictures on the computer.

Last fall (2009), I got down and dirty playing frisbee in the mud after a heavy rainstorm. Mud, mud, glorious mud!  I got muddy, gloriously muddy...
from the tips of my toes...
 to my trendy outfit.
"Wait, bath?!?!  Did you say bath?"
My mom said that I was so dirty that I needed a B-A-T-H.  She tricked me into coming into the bathroom, closed the door, and started the water.
"Nooooo way!  I'm out of here!"
Oh no, I was not having it!  No bath for me.  Didn't she ever hear that dirt is good for the soul?  I was so out of there!
*turn and pull*
(Did I mention that I can open doors?)
(See all of the dirt that I left in the tub?  Gross.)
My mom caught me.  I guess I wasn't quite fast enough.  Well, at least I got a fun rub-down after my bath.  Plus, now I smell like a beautiful flower, probably lilac and lavender or something.  
You should have seen all of the dirt all over the shower, walls, and the floor!  And the mud-water in the tub?!?!  It was everywhere!  I can't believe all of that was on my body ten minutes ago. 

Now, that's what I call a successful day! 


  1. such a dirty girl, but ya clean up nice!

  2. Wanted to let you know about a new Vizsla blog I just found out about: Alfie-
    The puppy pics are just adorable.

  3. Ella is jealous of whatever you did to get so muddy. Looks like a good time, well, except for the bath part.