Thursday, July 2, 2009

A dream vacation?

While my parents were out of town, I bunked with my mom Kayla, aunt Hannah, and brother Seamus at Melissa and Jason's house in PA. I had a lot of fun wrestling, cuddling, and playing with the Chuck-it flying squirrel at the park. However, I kept wondering what my parents were doing. I still can't believe that they left me behind!!!

Although they were originally supposed to visit some friends in Boston before going to a wedding in New York, they opted for a quick trip to Southern New Jersey instead.

While staying at a B&B in Cape May, they decided to take a side-trip to "The Point" in Stone Harbor to take a walk on the beach and see the wildlife.
(Meanies! They know I love the beach!)
Since it is a wildlife refuge area, the beach is usually completely empty.
There are lots of tidal pools for little "fishies" to live in, and it is a sanctuary where birds and other living things can nest on the beach without being disturbed.
This looks like my dream vacation!

Those sand dunes look like they would be really fun to run on. Plus, I love birds!

I can't believe that my parents didn't take me!?! Maybe I can go with my mom and dad next time.
Wait?? What?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me. Unfair!!!! Can you say "canine discrimination?"

I can't believe that they would be so bold as to blatantly . . .
Whoa! Mom, what is THAT!!!!
Oh my gosh, ewww! Mom, what are those creepy things!?!?!

Aieeee! That shell has eyeballs and fingers! Don't wait for the shell to come to life: Run away!!!

My mom said that it is just a hermit crab, but I think she's crazy. It's a monster!

And just when I thought the worst was over, along came a . . .


That's not a dream vacation, it's a nightmare!!!! I'm just glad my parents survived!

Ok, I change my mind. I'm very, very glad that I wasn't with my parents on their trip.

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  1. hello miss laila its dennis the vzsla dog hay i think yoo ar overluking the fakt that a ded shark cant run away frum yoo wile yoo ar trying to eet it not that i wood do that mind yoo!!! i am just saying!!! ok bye