Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secret Kiss Attack: A "How To" Guide

Here we are on a beautiful fall day, and my dad is talking on his cell phone and ignoring me.
Yes, that's right.  Ignoring me.

Time to bring out my secret weapon:  the Secret Kiss Attack.

  The key is the element of surprise. First, you have to go up to your "victim" with the cutest "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, roo, roo, roo" that you can muster.  That will catch him off guard, and he will lean over to pet you.  It is at that moment that you strike and initiate the patented "Secret Kiss Attack" move. 
First you go for the nose, and then the chin, and then right in the mouth!  
Gotcha!  Super Secret Kiss Attack for the win!
Dad, why do you look like you just ate a lemon?  Don't you know that my kisses are super-sweet?


  1. Aw, dad is just thinking "wow, what a great kiss!!"

  2. Aww...too sweet! happy thanksgiving :)

  3. yeah.. Luna has done this to my boss several times, he claims she got him way inside the mouth.. I was not there, but she is a sneaky one, and anything but slow