Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegetarian Thanksgiving?

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my mom's family down in Southern Maryland.  I always have a fantastic time and spend most of the day zooming from room to room to get pets and cuddles from my grandparents and human aunts and uncles.  Thanksgiving was even better than our usual visits -- it was a wonderful day full of delicious goodies, which my human grandparents were all too willing to share. 

The Turkey was a magnificent bird.
 Since all of my aunts and uncles made the trip, the turkey was about 25 pounds.  Nine people (plus me) are a lot of mouths to feed.
Smells yummy, grandmom!  When is the taste test?
 My grandmom did a great job basting the turkey all day.  I was her ever-vigilant helper.

But by far, the best dish of the day was...
Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and cucumber, oh my!
The delicious vegetable tray.  

My favorite is probably cucumber.  No, broccoli.  Wait, carrots.  Umm... I changed my mind.  Cauliflower is my favorite.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I love them all!  
Veggie-lover Vizsla -- will perform tricks for vegetables
I sat under the vegetable tray for hours begging for a piece of broccoli or cucumber. 

At one point in the evening, someone left the kitchen trashcan with some turkey trimmings and vegetables unprotected in the middle of the kitchen.  My mom heard a rustling sound, and rushed to the kitchen to find my head in the trashcan up to my shoulders munching away.  Boy was she mad!  She pulled me away from the trashcan, pulled the food out of my mouth, started to scold me for eating out of the trash, but then started to laugh.  I wasn't eating turkey; I had a mouthful of sliced cucumber.  Yeah, I know the turkey was on top, but I really wanted that cucumber! 


  1. Too funny- my dogs would both go for whatever they could get first! At least she's a lady & watching her waistline with all those healty snacks.

  2. At least you're watching your girly figure!!!