Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweet as Nectar

Thank you, Dennis! You always make me feel like the most special-est girl in the world.

In honor of being sweet, I'd like to share this award with some of my sweetest blogging buddies:
  1. First, I'd like to share this award with my new baby cousin Diamond, who is living it up in California. She is full of energy and makes everyone around her smile. Plus, her dad shares really great photos and videos.
  2. Second, I'd like to share this award with my good friend Winnie, the Wire-Haired Vizsla, who lives in Virginia. She is beautiful and wins lots of shows, but even better than that is how much she loves her dad. She is a very lucky Vizsla since her dad bought her a great house on the water with lots of room to run and explore.
  3. Next, I want to share this award with my Vizsla friend Zigana. Zigana is currently sharing her mom with a baby duck named Tuesday. Zigana is really sweet and being a great sport. Plus, Tuesday is super cute!
  4. Fourth, this award goes to my first-ever Vizsla blogging friend Rocket and his sister Delilah. Rocket is super handsome; Delilah is super cute; and both are super sweet. Plus, they have great taste in beds (I have the same one that they have!).
  5. And finally, this list wouldn't be complete without my adopted mom Gabby, her sister Flirt, and my cousin Havoc. They are all full of energy, but can cuddle with the best of them. Life is never dull with them around!


  1. hello miss laila its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar verry welkom!!! and also verry sweet!!! so it all wurks owt!!! ok bye

  2. Ahhhh thanks Laila,

    Really kind of you

  3. Liala, thanks for the kind words about Diamond's blog. We really enjoy you blog too!