Monday, May 11, 2009


My parents love our house because we can walk to THREE different parks.

Baltimore has always had a law against off-leash dogs, but it was rarely enforced unless someone called the police to complain. Even then, the officers would come and usually only give out a warning to put the dogs back on leads. The police like dog walkers because we deter crime and make their jobs easier.


In April, the City Council of Baltimore City increased the fine for off-leash dogs from $100 to $1,000,
AND they started enforcing the law.

Dog owners of Baltimore City are pretty upset--some are mad (rightly so)--and are acting to rectify the situation. We have met with our Councilman, signed petitions, and the Council has agreed to revisit the issue. They will be voting on whether to reduce the fine on Tuesday, May 12, 2009.
In the meantime . . .

My parents take me on long walks and jogs to the Inner Harbor, which means a exercise-break at Rita's Water Ice for a doggie treat (soft-serve ice cream with a dog biscuit). We've also been frequenting some bigger nature parks in the surrounding counties. I've gone on long walks with my Aunt Debbie.

And, on some special, secret times, my mom lets me (dare I say it?) . . .
OFF-LEASH to play ball!!!!!
In my defense, my friend Eleanore did it first!

Plus, the cops patrolling the park that day said it was ok.
I am Laila, outlaw of Baltimore City.


  1. You rebel ; )

    Glad to see you are enjoying yourself

  2. hello miss laila its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez yoo ar an owtlaw like wun of those karakters frum the wire!!! i hav no idea wot wire he is tawking abowt maybe the fone line or sumthing ok bye

  3. Hi Dennis,

    Did you know that the scenes where McNulty gets drunk by himself looking at the harbor were filmed in the park where these pictures were taken? And I was standing next to the statue he talked to in Season 5 when my mom took the last picture? Cool, huh?!?

    Maybe I should take a lesson from the corner boys and hire some neighborhood kids on bicycles to watch the perimeter of the park and yell "five-oh" when the cops come.


  4. Oh my goodness a $1000 fine! I thought a $250 ticket was expensive for beach off-leash violations in San Diego County. Shame on the Baltimore City Council! You are definitely a rebel WITH a cause!