Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet Diamond and Havoc!

At just nine weeks old, Vizsla puppy littermates from HRQ's Guess Who litter -- Diamond and Havoc -- have joined the V-blogging world.

Diamond has already started taking the world by storm with kisses and cuddles. Plus, she has already ridden in an airplane and tried out an agility tunnel. I will admit that I am a little partial since she is my cousin, but Diamond is super cute! You can follow her adventures on a blog that her mom and dad help her to write called the Diamond Dog Blog.

Her brother Havoc recently took up residence with one of my favorite V-blogging friends, Gabby (and her Dobe sister, Flirt). Havoc is full of energy and wears his dad out, but his mom has already started training him to be the rock star that he was born to be. You can watch his new big sisters show him the ropes on Gabby's blog Being Gabalicious.

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  1. Thanks for this post Laila. Our puppies mom is your dad's sister (Q/Owen). We also met your mom Kayla last summer in PA and we really liked her (and Hannah). She is a cutie with a great personality.