Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So long, farewell, Bar Exam!

My mom took the Bar Exam last week.  She said it was the single most difficult and exhausting thing she has ever done in her life -- and I believe it.
Maybe if I put my head on your book, you'll have to take a break?
 Preparing for the exam was a full-time job.  She studied all the time.
This sock is not quite as fun as my mom.
  My mom had to "schedule" playtime with me every few hours. 
This is us sleeping on the couch in the office.
My dad and I barely saw her, and we often had to sleep alone because she would work so late.  By the fifth week of studying, I refused to go to bed without her.  I cried a lot.  I laid under her chair, or on the futon in the office, or sometimes just sprawled out in the hallway.  Either way, it equated to many sleepless nights for me and many lonely nights for my dad. We were a sad bunch, and all missed each other a LOT.

Then, one morning last week, no one else was in bed when I woke up. 

I came downstairs just in time to see my dad hand my mom a lunch bag and say, "Don't worry.  You've done everything you could possibly do to prepare.  You're ready for whatever they throw at you."  
My dad makes my mom the best lunches ever!
At that moment I realized the miraculous truth!  Game day!

And even though we were throwing my mom into the lion's den, all I could think was:  
Today is the day I get my mom back!!!! 
(dance a little jig)
Dear God in heaven, 
Thank you for helping me, my mom, and my dad survive the Bar Exam. 
Kisses, Laila


  1. I've heard how stressful it is and can't even imagine! GL....all our paws will be crossed for you!

  2. Dear God, We all hope that the superhuman effort made in preparing for this exam pays off in HUGE ( as in lawyer fees) dividends!

    Laila, you are in charge of keeping your mom away from any more textbokks for a long time.

  3. Good luck from Bodi and Oliver! "Paws up" to you and your mommy, Laila!!