Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work out: Day 11

Working out with Frisbee and Logs

My mom and I have been working out a lot lately. I'm having a blast running, catching, and wrestling; but I think my dad is a little sad because I'm usually too tired to do any zoomie-zoomie-play-with-me dances by the time he gets home. I get the most exercise when I have to race other dogs to get the frisbee, so my mom is really happy that we've reconnected with my old friends and made a bunch of new ones. The park is usually empty on our morning and mid-day/early-evening visits, which means one-on-one frisbee time with my mom.
I'm ready whenever you are, Mom.
Get, ready, get set . . .
Wahoo! My mom tried to get a picture of me jumping up and grabbing the frisbee out of the air, but her camera wasn't really up to the task yesterday, so you'll have to settle for a quick line-drive catch.
After about twenty minutes, I got bored of frisbee. I stopped bringing it back to my mom and went off in search of sticks until I made the ultimate discovery:
Haha! I got it!
Logs, yum!
I'm ready, Mom. Throw it!
Hey! What do you mean I can't eat the log? It's a great source of, um, vitamins....


  1. Very cute and Laila looks very sassy and stylish in her coat.

  2. Hi Laila friend! Logs help keep your teeth clean too. Mom should understand the health benefits of logs.