Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 Recap

So far this winter, Mother Nature dumped a total of 79.9 inches of snow on Baltimore. Yes, you heard me. Over six feet of snow.
Trees fell down. Cars were covered.

No one could get their cars out of the snow for days. I even had trouble navigating the snow.

I almost buried myself when I jumped into the snow the first time I went into the backyard. Flop!
But, after a few runs through the snow in the street, I started having some fun. Especially because I could play anywhere I wanted! On the sidewalk, on the steps, in the street . . .My neighbor Steven came outside to play with me.
Since we couldn't play with with a regular ball or frisbee because it got buried before I could get to it, we played "snowball."

Snow ball was a much better game because you don't really lose the ball; it disappears like magic! Sometimes I catch it, but it falls apart before I can bring it back

Later in the day, my mom and dad took me to my super-secret dog park.The snow was really deep.
I had to leap like a deer to get through the tall snow drifts.

We played snowball and catch with a stick.
Even when I was standing on top of the snow, there was at least a foot and a half beneath my feet.

When we got home, I was so cold that my teeth were chattering, and my mom wrapped me up in two blankets.Hey mom, I'm just going to snuggle right here. Can you make me a cup of hot peanut butter?


  1. Be careful not to get too cold! Maybe you need boots too!

    It was fun to watch you play with your friends. I hope you had a good time and got something nice and warm to drink when you came inside.

  2. There you are! We were worried you'd been buried for the winter!