Friday, March 6, 2009

Vanishing Snowballs

I got to play in my first "real" snow on Monday. We had some little snow sprinkles before, but never enough to really play in. My mom took me to the park, and we played ball--with snow! It was the weirdest thing. My mom would throw the ball--I'd run to catch it--I'd see it land on the ground--but I couldn't find it! Where did it go? I started getting really confused, so my mom started throwing them a little closer to give me a fighting chance to catch the ball before it disappeared. I caught it a bunch of times--or, at least I thought I had caught it. Once again the ball had magically disappeared before I caught it! All I got was a mouth full of cold stuff. I actually caught it once, but I dropped it because it was cold and covered in snow. I tried really hard to pick it up off of the ground, but I just kept grabbing snow and couldn't get a hold of the ball at all. And then, like the other times, the ball simply vanished. It was so weird!

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