Saturday, March 14, 2009

No ribbons, but fun nonetheless

Today was my first conformation show in a long time. Miss Melissa wasn't sure how I'd do in the ring, so we did a lot of practicing beforehand. She said that I did an "ok" job, but that I was a much better "sitter" than "stander." Whoops! Gotta get my mom and dad back to the basics! Even though I didn't get an A+ for my performance today, I've been having a fantastic time with my V-Family. We go for runs and walks, play frisbee, and do some serious napping. I really love cuddling with Jason. Maybe I can bring him with me when I go home on Sunday? I'll talk more later, but I gotta get some more Zzzz's before we go to the park.

Wuff, Laila

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