Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally home

My mom and dad picked me up from the conformation show at the York, PA Fairgrounds this morning. I didn't win today either, but everyone was very impressed by my much-improved standing and stacking abilities. Score for me! I was absolutely exhausted from all of the wrestling, playing, and park visits, and slept in my mom's arms the entire way home. Good thing I rested up because I got to have a play date with my boyfriend Riley as soon as I got home. He had really missed me while I was on my vacation, so his humans took me to the park for an hour and a half, invited me to stay at their house for a while (my mom had a migraine again), and took me on a two mile run down to the Inner Harbor. Six hours later, I finally came home--exhausted and happy! Best weekend ever. Zzzzzzz...

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