Saturday, December 20, 2008

I met Santa!

Ok, Santa, so here is the deal. I want a Chuckit Flying Squirrel, some Vanilla Braided Ring Rawhides from White Dog Bone, a Nylon Turnout Coat from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats, lots of good treats, a new toothbrush, a new Bunny, and a new Duck. I also want Riverside Park to put in an official dog park. Oh, and a new puppy sister so that I can wrestle every day; it would be fun to have one of those. I'm sure there is more stuff, so I'll have my people talk to your people later this week.


  1. Wow- I can't believe she sat with the man in the crazy outfit! :)

  2. A Chuckit Flying Squirrel? You'll put your eye out, kid!

  3. Oh the Chuck It. We wuff the chuck it!! Miss Melissa introduced me to the famous Chuck It and now I am an addict. I hope Santa sends you one.

    Gabby, Chuck It addict