Sunday, April 6, 2008

Walk at McKee Besher

Jeff, Renee, and Laila went on a walk today at McKee Besher. Daddy Owe'n, Grandma Siren, Jaeger, and a number of Laila's half-brothers and sisters from the Owe'n/Ginger July litter (Cooper, Wrigley, Kona, Ariel, is there anyone I am forgetting?) came. Laila loved meeting all of the other Vizslas and people. She especially liked the two boys from Ariel's family who came on the walk. Whenever one of them got stuck in the mud or didn't keep up with the pack, Laila ran back to make sure he was still coming.

We walked through tons of fields and found all sorts of fun things, such as sticks, hay stalks, bird feathers, and even a couple of deer bones (gross, I know, but the dogs loved them). Although the other Vizslas were a bit bigger than Laila, she held her own and enjoyed running through the fields and streams with the other dogs. Even the rickety bridge didn't phase her.

Laila had SUCH a great time!

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