Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bubba and Max

As always, we went to Riverside Park this afternoon for nearly two hours. Laila played with Emmitt (a smaller version of Kelsey), Bubba (an English bulldog), Max (a brindle boxer), Eleanore (a mutt), Blue (a German Sheppard Dog), Hans (long-haired Dachshund), and a number of other friends. Max is only eight months old, so he has a lot of energy and doesn't always know how strong he is. He played a little rough, but Bubba put him in his place by doing his signature move - sitting on him. After that, Max played really nice with all of the dogs, even getting down on the ground to play with Emmitt and Hans and rolling on his back to let Laila and Emmitt smell his belly. Laila is finally starting to feel comfortable running with the big dogs without fear of being rolled, which is a huge step for her. We are really proud of her!

Oppie (some sort of pug mutt) came to the park later in the day. Even though he's tiny and couldn't be more than 25 lbs, he's really aggressive. We've met him a few times before, and he's never been pleasant. None of the dogs like playing with him. Watch out Oppie - just wait until Bubba catches up to you!

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