Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mom lost her keys

My mom took me to the park today. There weren't any other dogs at the park, so I could run off leash. My mom and I played catch with my squeaky ball and did some really fun running games. I had a really great time and walked the entire way home by myself. But... when we got home, my mom couldn't find her keys in our park-bag. She looked in her pants pockets, but no keys. She looked in her coat compartments, but no keys. She got a little nervous and dumped out the entire bag to find her keys, but still no keys. She tried the door, but it was locked. She looked in the mailbox, but no keys. She tried the backdoor, but it was locked too. She gave me some treats and some more water, and we went back to the park looking for my mom's keys. We looked on the streets, sidewalks, potted plants, the park trails, and the grassy areas in the park. Still no keys. I think that they fell out of her pocket when we were running around the park. I started getting cold, so my mom picked me up and zipped me into her coat. We got back home and sat on the front stoop to try to figure out a plan. It was so warm and cozy in my mom's coat that I fell asleep. One of our neighbors let us sit in his house while we waited for my dad to come home and unlock the door. When my dad got home, I licked and wiggled and kissed my mom and dad over and over. I was never so happy to be home in my life! I grabbed my stuffed duck and ran from the kitchen to the living room to the kitchen and then back to the living room. Then, my mom let me nap on top of the dryer to warm up. It was nice and warm, but I wanted to nap with my mom instead. I love my mom.

I had some dinner and played ball with my dad inside the house. He tried to coax me into napping with him on the couch, but I wasn't having any of that. I wanted to be with my mom. I finally escaped and brought a few toys to my mom so that she could play with me. We played for a few minutes, but then she told me that she had to work. I was devastated! I'm tired and I need my mom! She finally picked me up, and I fell asleep on my mom's lap in a matter of seconds. I don't think she had expected me to fall asleep on top of her arms because she had been working on her computer before she picked me up. I keep telling her that I am the most important thing in the whole world. When will she start listening to me? I was a little confused though. I kept sliding off her lap during my nap. I fit perfectly yesterday. Is my mom shrinking?

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