Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kid-tested, Mother-approved

Holiday parties are super fun -- new people to meet, yummy food (hello sir, can you spare a crumb? I can twirl and spin and sit and stand), and little strawberry- and milk-flavored kiddos running around. They have delicious fingers and cheeks.  The kids loved me, and my mom has been pleasantly surprised with how well I have handled the gaggle of kiddos (four little girls under the age of three).  

Pet me in the eye?  I wiggled my tail.  

Hit me with a bouncy ball?  I wiggled, went looking for the ball, and brought it back to the baby so she could throw it again. 

"Borrow" my crate to use as a playhouse?  You got it, little lady.  

Grab my tail?
I am one patient pup.
 No problem at all!  I ignored Miss Ada for a few minutes, but then turned around and gave her a big kiss.

The kids all loved me, and I gotta say -- they were all pretty cute as well.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Baltimore!  

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