Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fish Need Water

My mom and dad bought me a fish when they were away for their wedding anniversary.  

I love my fish and carry her everywhere:  the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, bed, and outside on my walks around the neighborhood.
Love my fishie! *squeak, squeak*
   Anyway, my cute perfect little fish stopped squeaking a few days ago.  
Poor fish... what is wrong, fishie? What is wrong?
 I did everything I could to fix her.  I gave her kisses, threw her in the air, and shoved her in my mom's face. 

And then... eureka!  I had a brilliant idea... 
blub, blub, blub
Hey fishie, how are you feeling?
Well, it turns out that it didn't make her squeak again.  But it did make her smell super yummy!  


  1. That is too cute! Mine usually demolish the toys quickly and have very intermittent interest in them.

  2. Good job! Maybe she was just thirsty!

  3. Nice to see a Laila update. Tucker always walks around with a toy in his mouth and pretty much daily one ends up getting dunked in the water dish.