Thursday, February 3, 2011

Patience has its limits

I am a patient girl.  
When my mom puts my dinner or some veggies (I love lettuce and asparagus!) in my bowl, I wait patiently until she gives me the "ok, go ahead" signal.  
But sometimes she forgets to give me the signal.  Sometimes she leaves the room and forgets about me and my bowl full of deliciousness. Cruel, mom.  That's just cruel.

Today, she put some pieces of fresh asparagus in my bowl and went upstairs to do something.  A million and a half hours later, she came looking for me, but it was too late...
I had already flooded the kitchen.


  1. Oh man, that's sad! Tell your mom she HAS to remember to say OK!!

  2. You are just like my Winston (labrador) with the shoelace dribble. Although he wouldn't have waited like you did.
    What a good girl you are

  3. Girls don't drool or dribble -- they bling!