Saturday, December 25, 2010

NOT Santa

Christmas morning started with the tradition of opening gifts.  As the youngest in the house, I went first.

I was super-excited to open my gift that came earlier this week.  I've been so good this year.
Hey Santa, did you forget something?  Something stuffie-like?  

So, I think I have the answer to my question.  No, Santa does not drive a UPS van because if he did, he would have brought ALL of the presents on my list.  You can't have Christmas without new stuffies.  Santa, why do you tease me?


  1. Oh man, half a gift?

    Oh well, by the time you polish those things off, your other stuff will come!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Very determined present opening, Laila -- some human find it hard to get into those shipping boxes. Hope your stuffies arrive soon.
    I got a toucan and a por-e-pine -- a dog's gotta love getting new toys!

  3. Merry Christmas....beautiful Laila,

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm sure Santa will make an extra special delivery just for you can get your new stuffies!

    Wishing you and your entire family a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  4. Our dog is nosy too.

    Happy blogoversary :)