Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hiking with the colors of fall

I went on a super fabulous hike with my Vizsla meetup friends this past weekend.  My friends Khan, Colby, and Tia came -- and I met two new friends named Winston and Phoebe.  We all had a great time.  The weather was perfect, and the leaves were beautiful.  We saw two mountain bikers.  I thought they were fascinating and started doing zoomie circles around our group as soon as they left. 

We hiked, ran, played chase, swam, and then -- just when everyone thought that the hike was about to be over -- we decided to stick around near the stream and bring out my favorite thing in the whole wide world. 
Zoom!  Chasing the leader with the flying squirrel!
Yup, you guessed it:  My flying squirrel. 
At first my mom got it stuck in the tree.  My dad saved it.  And then, my dad got it stuck in a tree.  That is the hazard of playing frisbee in a forest, I guess.  Anyway, I was awesome at sneaking in and getting the flying squirrel every time.  And by every time, I mean EVERY.  TIME.  I wasn't about to let those big boys grab it. 
Full steam ahead!  Girls rule, and boys drool!
 At some point, Phoebe snuck in and snagged it before I did.  I didn't even see her coming!  If she was a super-hero, her superpower would be speed.  Come to think of it, maybe she is a superhero.  She is super-hero fast.  And awfully good at playing with the flying squirrel.  Anyway, Phoebe snagged the frisbee, and then Tia snagged it from Phoebe, and then the boys gained control of it.  And then, I didn't stand a chance.  I was the total lightweight of the group. 
Winston and Phoebe playing tug, as I wait patiently for one of them to drop it.
 Hey, Winston, can we play “flying squirrel” with the flying squirrel? Pretty please.

Such a fun day.


  1. Fantastic pictures, looks like everyone had great fun!

  2. Great pictures! Sure looks like you had fun!!