Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raccoon alarm clock

Why is my dad ignoring me? 
 I think it's kind of rude that he is gone all day, and then comes home and falls asleep on the couch.
Now, I get that he works 40+ hours a week, and that he is studying for the Maryland Professional Engineering Exam, and that he is exhausted beyond belief, but does that mean that he is allowed to nap when I want to play?
Incoming!!!!!!!  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!!!!!!
 Maybe if I shove my raccoon in his face, he'll wake up and play with me.  Hey dad, hey dad, hey dad!!!!   Are you awake yet?  Are you awake yet? 


  1. That raccoon looks like he's in such good shape- my girls tear them up pretty quickly!

    Good luck with the PE exam- I took it a few years back & I'm so glad to have that behind me :)

  2. Poor Laila! Dad is 'noring you! You're more important than some dumb exam!!

  3. Hi, I'm a spanish gradma, mom of an almost three year old wire haired vizsla. I have discovered your blog through youtube and wish to become one of your followers. Today's post is about Zola's (that's her name) walks in our nearabouts. Zola says she's happy meeting Laila and wishes to become her blog friend, although her mom writes in Spanish and her blog's not about doggies, precisely. Regards.