Friday, August 13, 2010

Planet of the Giant Squash

My mom and dad brought home some vegetables from Pop's garden, including this big guy:
The squash was 16 inches tall -- almost taller than I was! 
Looks kind-of weird.  My mom said that I couldn't nibble it, but I wanted to see how heavy it was.
Ughh... so heavy!
I think the squash weighed like five billion pounds.  Mom, you can have it back so that you can bake your zucchini bread now.


  1. oh my that is huge! Too bad you couldn't take a nibble :)

  2. I can't believe you can pick that vegetable feast up. It's got to weigh as much as a Stanislaw! I guess that makes you a beast of much muscularness. Oh, and my mom thinks you're the prettiest vizsla she's ever seen. Sheesh!

  3. Don't fall asleep when that thing is around or you might become a pod puppy.

  4. wow! that is a big piece of squash.