Friday, August 20, 2010

Crabby Soup

There were some crabs left over after the massive feast at my grandmom's house, so she let my dad take them home.  My mom and dad made crab cakes with most of the crab meat, and then decided to make some soup.
Soup, please?
 The soup smelled really yummy, so I tried my best to see if I could get a taste.  I was so patient the entire time they were cooking the soup.  I tried my cute "sit on the floor without making a peep" trick.  I tried "moving closer without making a peep" trick.  I tried my "little ears."  I tried showing my mom my tricks:  spin, sit, stand, hind-legs, down, around.  Anything, anything for a taste of that deliciousness that I was smelling...

And then I had my chance.  My dad was in the kitchen getting water, and my mom ran upstairs to get something.  The soup was unsupervised on the dining room table.

I popped up on my mom's chair to take a look, and...
What is that thing in the soup?
Aiiee!!!  Alien!!!!!!
Oh my dog!!!!!  Run away!  Run away!!  There is a monster claw in your soup!!!!

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  1. So you didn't taste it? I'll bet it was really good! You should have grabbed the claw!