Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Was it Goldilocks?

When I got home from my super-awesome-trip to New Castle, PA, with Miss Debbie, Miss Melissa, my dad Owe'n, my sister Georgie, and a bunch of my cousins (including little Joey Dozer) on Monday night, I noticed that something was different.

Everything was the way it was supposed to be, but something was different.

While I was gone, somebody had been napping on my blankets...
Sleeping in my bed....
And (gasp!) cuddling with my turtle at night....
Who could it be?
Oh, it was just my cousin Skoda-boda. Hi Skoda!

Dear Skoda, thanks for keeping Myrtle the Turtle (and my mom and dad) safe while I was away, and be sure to take extra-special good care of your new two-legged human baby sister Stella when you get home. You can come back any time you want -- I'll even let you play with my raccoon!

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