Monday, June 14, 2010

All treats, no stuffies?

My treat and chewie supply has been running a little low, so my mom sent an order in to White Dog Bone, which is my favorite store in the world.  They have super yummy treats, delicious chewies, and the world's greatest stuffies.  Well, maybe I'm a little biased, but I think they are great.  Especially the Vanilla rawhides and the stuffies!

 I was really excited when the package finally arrived!  I knew that my mom probably got me all sorts of great stuff!  

Treats, chewies... 

... and you know that she got me some new stuffies since I only have seven like one or two.  
But wait, where are the stuffies!?!  Did I miss them?
 Are they over here?
Where could they be?
Wait a minute.  
Mom, what do you mean you didn't buy any new stuffies?


  1. No stuffies? Man, that means you get to eat the treats all at once!!

  2. Moooooooom! Where are the STUFFIES?

  3. LOVE white dog bone.. Especially when I catch them at the Dog shows and get to skip on shipping. Luna loves the 8 inch vanilla rawhide rings.. and any of the pig ear things, and body parts like trachea, tendons, ears, etc. Good stuff.. She hasn't been much into her chews anymore though.. which is good for my wallet. Have you tried the Huggle hound toys, in the skunk, rabbit line? they're great stuffies, she has yet to rip one apart tugging with her friends.

  4. We haven't tried the Huggle hound toys yet, but I'll have to put those on my list. We usually buy the rabbit, raccoon, and goose from the colossal plush toy section. The thick fur makes them pretty durable and easy to stitch back up if there is an "accident."

    The vanilla rawhides are my favorite!