Saturday, May 8, 2010

My first meetup with the DC/MD Vizsla Meetup Group!

Today was my very first meetup with the DC/Maryland Vizsla Meetup Group and their humans. And of course my mom forgot her camera in the car. Hopefully some of the other RESPONSIBLE puppy parents (i.e., everyone else!) will share pictures with my mom. The playdate/hike was at McKee Beshers, a 2,000 acre tract in a mixture of woodlands, fields, wooded bottomland and managed wetland impounds. It was nearly a three-hour round trip from Baltimore City, but it was totally worth it to hike and meet new friends..

Four other Vizslas came to the Meetup: Colby, Khan, Ivan, and Franz. I tended to stay near the two-legged crowd since I was the only girl of the group (plus, that was where the treats were!), but the four boys had a blast running like mad crazy men through the grass.

Here is a video of all of us:

Colby (solid blue collar), Khan (blue and white collar), Ivan (orange collar), Franz (yellow collar), and me (orange collar)

I did beat them at one thing though. At the very end of the hike, a bunch of them jumped into the marsh, bounced around, and hopped out. Rookies!

I decided to show them how it is done, so I leaped right in and swam out into the marsh.
Haha! Beat that, boys!

Hope to see all of them soon!

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  1. I didn't know that group went to places like that. Let me know when they do again. That's not to far from me. My girl loves the boys, it's the other girls she can be a brat about. Glad you had fun though.