Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it spring yet?

I cannot wait until Spring!

Right now, the City is a combination of BLAH's.

All of the snow is gone, so I no longer have any snow mounds to use as my personal potty chair. The slightly warmer weather that melted the snow has made my "super secret" park into a thick, pudding-like muddy-mud-mud. And now that I've come "into season," I can't play with my friends in the super-muddy park even if I wanted to. Ugh...

I can barely remember what warm weather feels like,

but I do remember . . .that the grass turns green and soft under my toes;
that it gets warm enough to walk to Federal Hill Park without wearing a jacket (the winds whip around the hill and make it very chilly);
that the duck-birdies in the Inner Harbor start making little chickies and then taunt me by swimming along the docks;
that the City starts planting flowers; and
that my Dad would rather take long walks to the Harbor with us than stay home inside the nice warm house.


I wish Springtime would hurry up and get here!


  1. Hi Laila! I, too, am waiting for spring! I can't wait to go chase the duckies and go for some swims. Right now, I just get muddy and then have to take a B-A-T-H.

  2. Captain likes your blog b/c his Mommy is from Baltimore! Too bad San Francisco is so far away... we like the cupcake stealing vid you shot! Too bad I didn't catch Captain, he ate so many of them!