Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say it ain't so

I went to visit my dad's human family at my Grandmom Bonnie's house this past weekend. All of the food smells wonderful, and I get lots of pets, cuddles, kisses, and treats. Everyone loves me!

The last few times I've visited, a little furball named Spencer has been there.
He's cute and all, but no competition for me.
HEY!!! Now wait just a minute!

Those are MY cuddles, and Spencer is stealing them!
Dawn, please don't give that piece of cake to Spencer! I thought you loved me best?!?

I thought it was time to have a conversation with this little guy named Spencer so that we could clear up some misunderstandings. Namely, that I am the only one who should be getting treats and cuddles. And that it might be best if he went home.
Huh? What do you mean that you LIVE here?? My grandmom Bonnie would never cheat on me.
Mom, tell him that he is wrong! And tell him to go home!

Unfortunately, my mom said that he was telling the truth. Bonnie was his human, and he did live there.
This is very upsetting news. At least my Mom still loves me.


  1. Laila, there's plenty of love to go all around! Give Spencer a you could be good buddies!
    Your pal,