Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Sophie!

Here are some pictures from friend Sophie's fabulous birthday paw-ty!!
The birthday girl wore her super-girlie birthday dress, and her super-fabulous Mom, Jenn, brought all sorts of goodies:
Hats, cupcakes, and my personal favorite:
Ice Cream. Yummm!!!!
I loved, loved, loved the ice cream!!!!
So did Gordo,
and precious Patty.
Hey Patty, I already finished mine, but let me show you how to "really" eat cupcakes and ice cream. Can I borrow yours?
Olive had the right idea: hang out under the picnic table to catch any rogue cupcake crumbs.
Sophie obviously loved the cupcakes and ice cream too: she licked the crumbs off Olive's tongue!

Great paw-ty, Sophie!


  1. You party girl, Laila, you!
    Looks like a lot of fun!
    Your pal,

  2. hello miss laila its dennis the vizsla dog hay i -- oh hay wow yoghund!!!! mmmmmm!!!! and wow luk at that tung!!! its like a sooper tung!!! ennyway luks like yoo had a gud time at the party!!! ok bye