Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 1: Fore-lady Laila

My dad decided that it was time to do some major renovations in our backyard, namely build a parking pad and redo the fence. Since he obviously has no idea what he is doing, I volunteered to be the fore-lady for the job.
Wait, you say that Dad is an engineer and builds stuff all the time? Whatever. We all know that my skills are far superior.
After surveying the property, I decided that the best place for the parking pad would be at the rear of the yard so that my dad can have access to the alley behind the house.

The first thing to do is move back the flowerbeds to make room for the parking pad.
Good job, dad!

Ok, next thing to do is build the frame . . .
and pour the . . .
Whoa, you guys are fast!

Time to call it a day!
I hear my dinner calling . . .


  1. Cool, but sand? then the small square tiles I guess.

  2. Nice yard, Laila! Maybe you can sneak in a little pool for yourself :-)
    Your pal,