Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chapter Four


After we left the fields, we walked down the trail until we came to a sign next to a bunch of cages.
Curious . . .

While my dad and I tried to read the sign, my mom went down to look at the cages.
The sign was written in human, so I gave up trying to read it, but my dad pointed at the sign with a worried look on his face.

WHOA!!! Like those crazy, scary things from Jurassic Park? Run away, run away!

But, my mom just smiled and said it was ok.

They were just birds. Well, birds that eat bunnies and other birds and things, but just birds nonetheless. Plus, they were in cages and couldn't hurt us.
Each bird was hurt or injured in some way that made it so that they couldn't survive on their own, so they were kept in the cages for educational purposes. My mom said it was for kids when they come to the trail on field trips from school. I guess that makes sense, but maybe they should say that on the sign instead of scaring the be-jeebus out of puppies like me.
Even though these are definitely not the types of birds that I would want to meet in person, I have to say that the bald eagle was pretty cool.
After we finished looking at the birds, we started back on the trail to see what other sort of treasures we could find . . .

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  1. hello miss laila its dennis the vizsla dog hay i -- aaaiiiiieeeee velosiraptors!!!! they ayt all kinds of peepul in the faymus dokyoomentry joorasic park!!! run away run away run away!!!