Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready-ing the Office

So, my parents decided that it was time to "really" set up their office on the third floor of our house. The first thing to do was to clear out all of the boxes.
Roooo . . . freedom!!! Look at all of this room!We needed to paint since the greyish-blue color that they had painted the room two years ago didn't look very good anymore. I started gathering up all of the supplies that we would need . . .
A roller and the fluffy yummy paint roll thing.
Nom-nom-nom . . . yummy fluffy roller thing . . .
My dad thought it would be fun to try and paint a portrait of me.

Ick! I think it looks more like the neighbor's cats than me.
I am very proud of our new red room. My bed fits nice and snug in the corner and looks good against the new wall color.
Now I can hang out with all of my stuffies and chewies while my parents do their boring "grad school work."

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  1. Whew all that work you must be tired supervising those humans. Take a nap on that lovely bed.