Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great Paw-ty!

Yesterday was my best friend Riley's 2nd Birthday, and we celebrated with an exciting (but looong) day!

When I woke up, my mom took me for a quick park trip in the morning before she started working. She worked until about 1 o'clock when--unexpectedly--my dad came home! Yay, Dad! He didn't come home to play, though. He had a midterm exam that he had to take on his computer for his grad class. Bummer!!!! Anyway, since he needed the house to be quiet for a few hours, my mom said that we needed to go for a little trip. I like trips, so this sounded like it was going to be fun. And, it sure was!

Since it was Riley's birthday, we needed to get him a present. We went to the local dog boutique down the street (literally three blocks away! Hurray for the city!) so that we could do some shopping. The girl (she is new) working in the shop fell in love with me right away. I showed her a few of my tricks: sit, down, high-five, paw, stand, stay, wait, up on hind legs, and my latest trick: twirl. I rocked my performance, and she gave me a treat. Score for me! My mom and I started shopping; I know that we were supposed to be shopping for Riley, but I just can't help myself sometimes, so I started picking out things that would be perfect for me: a new set of tennis balls, another Kong frisbee. My mom was not happy, so she put everything back and told me that we had to leave because I couldn't behave. We took a few laps around the block. After I had calmed down and was listening, we went back to the store. I was much more behaved the second time! Anyway, we bought a ChuckIt Flying Squirrel for Riley and a dog birthday cake. I thought it would have pictures of dogs on it, but it didn't. Apparently, there are people who make special cakes for dogs! What a great idea!

After we brought our loot back to the house, my mom said that it was time to go to the park, so we got our park gear ready: baggies, two balls, my Kong frisbee, water, a towel to wipe off slobber. After we put everything in my mom's nifty Outer Hound bag, my mom grabbed an extra set of keys. Hmmm . . . those keys look familiar. When we got out of the house, we started walking in the OPPOSITE direction of the park--to Riley's house! Wahooo!!!

When Riley and I got to the park, my mom took us to the lower field so that we could run without bothering the many moms pushing their babies in strollers. We found a nearly-dead kickball that someone had left on the field; it was the best toy we've played with in a long time. We ran, and ran, and chased, and wrestled, and ran, and ran, and ran. When we slowed down and started to eat sticks, my mom said it was time to head home. But, on the way out of the park, we spotted my good friend Kelsey! My mom let us off-leash again so that we could play with Kelsey. So, we ran, and ran, and chased, and wrestled, and ran, and ran. When my mom was sure that we were tired, we said goodbye to Kelsey and started heading home again. But then we ran into another dog friend who was hanging out with Fat Louie (a really, really, really fat black lab). I'm not a big fan of Fat Louie, but we started to play, so my mom let us off-leash AGAIN! And, again, we ran, and ran, and chased, and wrestled, and ran. I even caught the tail of a squirrel!!!! Riley and I could have played all day, but when Fat Louie started getting a little "frisky," my mom said it was time to head home--for real this time. She said that two-and-a-half hours was our cap for the day.

When my mom put on our leads, she realized that we had rolled in something deliciously stinky. So stinky that my mom had to put her nose under her shirt to breathe. I honestly don't know what her problem is; it's just perfume! Anyway, as soon as we got back to my house, my mom let us use the bathroom and drink some water in the backyard. But when we were done, we were marched right upstairs to get baths. Luckily for my mom, we were both exhausted and could barely move. Riley was first, and I was second. Riley was such a good boyfriend, and licked my head while my mom gave me my bath. I really wuff him.

After drying us off, my mom took Riley home to his house. He needed to have a nap before his big birthday party.

A few hours later, it was time for Riley's party. So many people came! There was tons of human food: beer, crackers, fruit, cheese, and brownies. There was also tons of dog treats too! Riley's aunt Kelly brought a dog biscuit in the shape of a martini, and I will never forget the heavenly, heavenly dog cake . . .
It was a big biscuit covered in frosting. Yummy!

To celebrate, we had candles, fun party hats, and sang happy birthday to Riley. Since Riley was the birthday boy, he has a green ribbon around his neck.The anticipation of the cake was almost more than Riley and I could stand!After cake, it was time for presents!
Finally, after two-and-a-half hours at the park, one bath, a two-and-a-half hour birthday party, eating half of a cake, and wrestling with Riley, it was time for bed. I was one exhausted Vizsla!
And I've been sleeping ever since . . .


  1. What an awesome party! Happy Birthday Riley ;)

  2. It's not a party until the vizslas arrive!