Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary Mom & Dad

Six years--in dog years, that's like . . . ummm . . . forty-two years! My math isn't all that good since I only have eight fingers and eight toes. Those humans think they are so cool with those opposable thumbs and all. Anyway, I bet my parents are going to get all mushy tonight and go out to get sushi or something tonight. And my dad will probably bring home those green sticks with red petals on them. My mom is weird and puts them on the table. She doesn't eat them at all. What a waste of perfectly good sticks. Ah, sigh . . . I wish I had a boyfriend. No one ever brings me sticks.


  1. Congratulations to your mum and dad.

    You are best not eating those types of sticks they are very spiky. Not great for fetching or chewing.

  2. hello miss laila its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratchoolayshuns to yore mama and dada but dont covet those green and red stiks they often hav littel spinies on them ennyway bully stiks are much better ok bye