Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My addiction

So, as you may remember, I love sweets--especially when I'm not allowed to have them. Some of my many conquests include: cupcakes, vanilla ice cream, Rita's water ice, and most recently, oatmeal cookies!

My mom was baking cookies for an Orientation event that she was hosting at our house last week for her Law Journal. She told me that I couldn't have any until after the event was over, but they smelled soo good. My mom is a really good baker. While she was in the other room, I snuck into the kitchen to look at the cookies. I swear on my rawhide that I was only going to look at the cookies. I swear! But, while I was there, I figured that it would probably be ok to smell them a bit. Ok, and maybe I should touch them to see if they were still hot. Ok, and I should probably lick a small one to see if it was poisonous. I mean, I don't want my mom to get sick. Ok, and maybe it might be a good idea to take a tiny-teensie-little nibble out of the small one. I mean, I already licked it. Ok, so I should probably eat the little one. I mean, no one will want to eat it if I already took a nibble. Uh, oh. I accidentally licked the one beside it. Guess I should eat that one too. And whoops, I touched another one. Better eat that one. Oh, no! Look what I did! I accidentally knocked the cooling sheet onto the floor. My mom is so busy cleaning, so I should probably help her out with my super-vacuum-tongue. I was just trying to get the last little cookie off of the counter when the timer beeped to let my mom know that the last batch of cookies in the oven were ready. I hadn't been able to put away the cooling sheet yet, so I tried to hide it by sitting on it. She came into the kitchen to get the cookies out of the oven, but when she couldn't find the cookies, she looked very disappointed. I don't know why she was sad; I had worked really hard to clean up the cookies for her!


  1. hello miss laila its dennis the vizsla dog hay my brother tucker offen has aksidents like this wot a bizar coinsidense!!! ok bye

  2. OMG.


    Laila, you have to work on not getting caught. I'll teach you. The your Daddy Owe'n and your "Uncle" Jaeger get blamed for everything at my house

    G'ma Siren

  3. Nice work Laila! In my time I have stolen almond croissants, cheese, sandwiches, and once a whole packet of butter from the kitchen counter. On the latter occasion it was only my greasy nose and the wax paper on the lawn that gave me away.

    Mum thinks she's cured me of counter-surfing, but really I'm just lulling her into a false sense of security...


  4. Hi Laila-You are lucky to have the opportunity to steal the food. One time I ate my mom's perfectly made sandwich when she turned around to answer the phone. She wasn't happy but it was totally worth it to me.

    Sara-from the Red Dawn Vizsla Clan