Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Graduation Party in PA

I met my mom’s entire family this past weekend. It was Renee's sister Emily’s H.S. graduation party, so we traveled two hours to Pennsylvania to celebrate. I ran around the yard, licked as many faces as possible, and stole a botchy ball from the boys. Then we played keep away, which is one of my favorite games because I love playing chase. I, of course, was too quick for them. They started yelling and told me to give it back, but I won them over with lots of wet kisses. I was so excited to go swimming because my mom’s grandparents have a big in-ground pool, but everyone said “no.” Their loss - I was going to show them my world-class doggie paddle.


  1. Nobody can catch a vizsla at chase -- except another vizsla!

  2. pah! no swimming? what a bummer.

  3. My dear Ms. Laila,

    Swimming or no, you were clearly the belle of the ball.

    Yrs. admiringly,