Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crazy weekend

So, this was a crazy weekend.


My mom came home early on Friday, which was super fun because she took me to the park for TWO HOURS! Man, was I wiped out when we got home! I think I slept from 7 pm until 11 am the next morning. It was amazing :)


UTI Vet Visit
When I woke up, I wasn't feeling that well though. I went outside to use the bathroom, but couldn't pee. This has happened so many times over the past three months that my mom took me back to the vet. Again. We go every time this happens, and they usually send her home with a bunch of "medicine" to give me. I don't really mind taking the medicine because I get a yummy treat after each pill, but it is a pain. This time, my mom took me to a new vet. This one was a little farther away than the old vet, so we couldn't walk there. I was skeptical when we pulled up, but I changed my mind when we went inside. It was amazing! Lots of fun squishy benches to sit on, lots of really nice ladies giving me hugs and kisses, and they took me to the back room really quick! I didn't have to wait at all. The doctor said I was really good. They did a bunch of tests - made me pee in a cup (weird) and took crazy pictures they called "x-rays." I, of course, gave them my best pose.

Mom got a haircut
When they finished, they called my mom and dad to pick me up - and my dad showed up with a very strange lady. She looked like my mom, but what happened to her hair? I wasn't so sure of this lady, but after tasting her entire face I figured out that it was my mom after all. The doctor told my mom that they would call her back later this week to let her know the results and to see if they need to do any more tests. I hope they figure everything out. It would be really nice to pee whenever I want to!

When we got home, we went to Riverside Park so I could play with all of my friends.

Home Alone
Then, my parents left me home alone (out of the crate!!!) while they went grocery shopping. It was a little scary, but after a running around a lot I decided to sit and watch the football draft on TV. My mom said that I was SO GOOD! I got some melon as a treat. YUM!


My mom took me to the park.

Home Alone
My mom and dad left me home alone out of the crate for 45 minutes while they went down the street to get brunch, but they forgot to leave the TV on. What?!? No TV?!?! I was so upset that I tore the house apart. And I do mean T.O.R.E. i.t. A.P.A.R.T! I tore a hole through the screen in the front window, tore the stuffing out of 2 toys, destroyed 2 pens, pushed most of the paperwork off of the kitchen table, knocked over the papazan chair and dragged the cushion across the room, among other things. My mom told my dad that it was just a temper tantrum because I'm a puppy, have too much energy, and was left alone for a little too long without the TV on. She's a girl, so she understands.

Park with Riley and Todd
While my parents started cleaning up my mess and fixing the screen, Todd stopped by to see if I could go to Robert E. Lee Park with him and Riley. My mom said that I could! Yay!! I had a great time!

Water Heater
When I got home from the park, the house looked different. My human granddad and his friend Michelle had come to visit, but my mom wouldn't let me go upstairs to visit my dad or my granddad. She said they were "working." Working on what? Why doesn't anyone tell me things anymore? First my mom's haircut, and now my dad is 'working'?? She said that the water heater had "blown up." Like fireworks? I don't like fireworks. Good thing I wasn't home when this "explosion" happened. Apparently there was water everywhere! But my dad and my granddad worked really hard and replaced the water heater themselves. So, now we have warm AND hot water!!!! I'm excited for my next bath!!!

My mom said: "when it rains, it pours (literally)."

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  1. Oh geez! Time to pour some rum for your mum & dad! They've had a tuff time of it. And don't tear the house apart. It's much more fun to lazy around on the sofa then in a crate!