Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Visit from Christina and John Sawyer

My mom's friends Christina and John visited me today. They were so nice and smelled so good! I tried to nibble on Christina's scarf, but my mom said it was bad manners. She spoils all of my fun.

The five of us (my mom, my dad, John, Christina, and myself) went to Riverside Park to play. It was great to have so much attention. We played running games with sticks, squeeky balls, and my bully stick.

While we were there, we met Ollie. He was my size, but he turned out to be a not-so nice 10 month old puppy. He didn't play fair. I also played with Maggie, a really nice golden retriever. We met before, and I like her a lot. I also met a border collie named Finn who was beautiful, clean, fast, and smart. He played catch with John for 20 minutes. Everyone says that I'm so cute and beautiful. But when I grow up, I want to be just like my collie friend.

It was chilly when we came home. My mom made some hot chocolate and hot tea for the people, and I fell asleep on John's lap with my new stuffed hedgehog named "BOODA".

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